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Quant ICT Group wishes you happy holidays and a prosperous 2017

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Be in the know

in the know
No longer is there an excuse for “not knowing”. Enterprise Enabler, mentioned in Gartner’s “Data Virtualization Market Guide” helps you by providing access to accurate, real-time data from any source location, so you van make agile and fast decisions regarding your businsess. Whether in the cloud, spread across siloed databases or within various spreadsheets, Enterprise Enabler is able to bring your data together by using its patented AppComm™ technology. Our goal is to become a partner in helping your business untlock the values and power of your data.


“Enterprise Enabler has created new information horizons for WCA. We have been able to consolidate, share and analyze millions of records in minutes across different systems and platforms. It doesn’t matter if our data resides in the cloud, databases, or spreadsheets. The Stone Bond platform has given us a view to our company data that we could only dream about a few months ago.” – WCA’s Vice President of Information


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Data Virtualization for Today’s Enterprise

make the right choice
Data virtualization offers data and analytics leasers a data integration strategy to limit data silos and address new analytical and operational opportunities through flexibility in data access. This research provides insight into 16 vendors and their offerings to help in making an informed choice.

Stone Bond Technologies has been featured in Gartner’s latest Market Guide for Data Virtualization.

The Gartner Market Guide for Data Virtualization contains:

•           An overview of the Data Virtualization market place and it’s future growth

•           Operational and Analytical use cases

•           A list of top data virtualization vendors in the market, of which Stone Bond Technologies is a part

Interested? Contact and you will receive the link to download the latest edition.

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Product Webcast Surveillance 4.7 Preview & Roadmap

surveillance 4.7

Please join us for this special product presentation as Bradmark’s Edward Stangler showcases a preview of the upcoming Surveillance product release and roadmap. During this one-hour webcast, you will get a first-hand look at several new monitoring capabilities within Surveillance DB™ 4.7 release. Key items discussed include:

  • The new Surveillance XP edition – Provide new IT clients with quick, high-level capabilities to monitor against their real database environment.
  • Agile Historical Analysis – Slice and dice recent data to interactively uncover the good, bad or the ugly things concerning your data systems.
  • SAP HANA Scale-Out - Forget about a limited, hard-to-use APM. Surveillance delivers more to make the multiple nodes in HANA sing.
  • Web Client  Reporting- Access web client reports from anywhere, and share the links with anyone who needs to know.
  • Cloud Readiness - Quickly and efficiently deploy Surveillance on your favorite cloud service.

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“Internet of Things” most hyped expression?

The Internet of things market connected smart devices tag cloud

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) has rapidly become one of the most familiar (and perhaps, most hyped) expression across business and technology. Gartner forecasts tremendous benefits resulting from the IoT, but the ways in which enterprises can actualize any benefits will be diverse and in some cases, painful.

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“The chase” naar performance

Zo had een Nederlandse bierbrouwerij een “chase”met betrekking tot business critical SAP upgrades. Het tijdvenster waarin de upgrades op de produktie systemen konden plaats vinden was zo beperkt (minder dan 6 uur) dat het noodzakelijk was om eerst data te archiveren en de database te reorganiseren alvorens er ueberhaupt aan een SAP upgrade gedacht kon worden. Quant ICT Group heeft de databases gereorganiseerd met als mooie bijkomstigheid dat de performance nu ook aanmerkelijk verbeterd is.

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Big Data technology and services market will grow to $48.6 billion in 2019: IDC


The Big Data market continues to exhibit strong momentum as businesses accelerate their transformation into data-driven companies. This momentum is driving strong growth in big data-related infrastructure, software, and services. A new forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC ) sees the big data technology and services market growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.1% over the 2014-2019 forecast period with annual spending reaching $48.6 billion in 2019. And a new IDC Special Study examines spending on big data solutions in greater detail across 19 vertical industries and eight big data technologies.

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Wilt u meer weten over de mogelijkheden om met Big Data uw onderneming een boost te geven?

Kom dan naar het nummer 1 Big Data evenement van de Benelux, waar u de aanjagers, innovators en leiders op het gebied van Big Data ontmoet. Met sprekers van onder andere Twitter, Google, RTL Nederland,, IKEA, Adidas, Schiphol en Beyond Sports.

Via de link kunt u u gratis aanmelden.

De Big Data Expo vindt plaats op woensdag 30 september en donderdag 1 oktober in hal 4 van de Jaarbeurs Utrecht. U bent van harte welkom op onze stand nummer 49.

Quant ICT Group



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WCA Waste Corporation gebruikt Enterprise Enabler voor Data Visualisatie

Stone Bond Technologies heeft bekend gemaakt dat dat WCA Waste Corporation gebuik gaat maken van Enterprise Enabler voor de integratie van hun ERP systeem, wat specifiek voor de afval industrie is, en wat meerdere ongelijksoortige gegevensbronnen kent.

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Quant ICT aanwezig op de Big Data Expo!!

big data

Op woensdag 30 september en donderdag 1 oktober 2015 vindt de Big Data Expo plaats in de Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Ook Quant ICT zal aanwezig zijn op de Big Data Expo met een prachtige stand. Tijdens de beurs worden de nieuwste producten gepresenteerd op standnummer 49 en kunt u kennis maken met het team van Quant ICT.

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