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What value has information

for your organization?

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Rick van der Lans

using Data Virtualization".

"Creating an Agile Data Integration

Whitepaper by

data virtualisatie - Quant ICT

Connect any data source, applications, devices and processes

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Data Integration
data integratie - Quant ICT

All integrations take place withing one single platform

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Database Licenses
Database systems - Quant ICT

Oracle, SAP/ Sybase , Microsoft

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Data Conversion
data conversie - Quant ICT

Lead time is no longer a matter of months, but hours or minutes!

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Stonebond Technologies
data virtualisatie - Quant ICT

Innovative data integration software

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Database Monitoring
database monitoring - Quant ICT

SAP/Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL en DB2-UDB

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Bradmark Technologies
monitoring - Quant ICT

Database management & reorganization

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ICT Services
ict diensten - Quant ICT

Consultancy, contracting and project management

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